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The MagnaView

Although the MagnaView is at the top of the line fruit sorter machine with the best price/value in its class, at Invision Automated Systems we know our market and we are aware that every company has different needs depending on the product being sorted, production, space, conditions and even budget... That is why we work together with every customer to find the best solutions for them.

At Invision Automated Systems every fruit sorter machine we build is tailored made to fullfill our customers needs, and the fact that the MagnaView sorter machine is built in a two line configuration does not mean we cannot build a 4, 6 or even one line fruit sorter machine.

Is your company on a budget and do not require a specific function? Do you require something not listed? That is fine. Let one of our representatives talk with you about your specific needs and we will make sure to offer the best configuration so your company can benefit from our technology at a very competitive price.


  • Color Sorting

  • Weight Classification

  • Size and shape determination

  • Precise packing by weight

Unique Features
  • High speed fruit sorter, up to 15 products per second per lane

  • Weight precision of +/- 1 gr. per product

  • Size measurements within 1 mm. per product                                             

  • Internet access to provide quick support

  • Highly reliable parts

  • Minimum maintenance required

  • Remote diagnostics

  • Remote software upgrade

Basic Functions

Our flagship fruit sorter is the MagnaView, which is considered by many the best fruit and vegetable sorter available today in the market due to its efficiency and price/value ratio. A relatively small fruit sorter machine compared to the large older type machines, so  don't let its size discourage you, the MagnaView is a powerful high speed fruit sorter machine designed and built to excel at what it does. 

Providing excellent sorting accuracy and handling the product with care are just some of the qualities of this top of the line fruit sorter machine which we are proud to offer as our flagship product.