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The MultiLine


At Invision Automated Systems every fruit sorter machine we build is tailored made to fullfill our customers needs.

MultiLIne can be built with 4, 6 or more lanes.

It may include specific functions, such as internal quality, labelers, etc.

It may require something not listed. Let one of our representatives talk with you about your specific needs and we will make sure to offer the best configuration so your company can benefit from our technology at a very competitive price.


  • Internet access to provide quick support

  • Highly reliable parts

  • Minimum maintenance required

  • Remote diagnostics

  • Remote software upgrade


MultiLine fruit sorting machines are custom built to cover the requirements of each of our customers.



These machines are usually larger fruit sorters  with several lanes which provide higher production, than our basic machines.

MultiLine can include washer, driers, waxer and any other optional requirements, such

as box conveyors, etc.