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The SmartView

SmartView , is the most affordable fruit sorting machine of our line of products with the same quality in components and manufacturing, designed for those who have a limited  budget and  only need the basic sorting functions.


SmartView can sort a variety of fruits, such as:

-Apples, tomatoes, oranges, lemons, peaches, avocados, and many others.


SmartView, analyzes products based on:

  -  Color

  -  Size


  -  Ideal for medium-sized productions

  -  Quality of its components

  -  Displays number of sorted products.

  -  Low power requirement

  -  Accessible controls

  -  Easy to operate, in several languages.

  -  Easy maintenance




High performance at low cost. Hoppers or packaging tables are adaptable to the users needs.

Capacity of up to 12 outputs per lane.

Outputs are completely configurable.

Two or four lanes.

Speeds of up to 10 products per second per lane.

Friendly interface, ease of use and adjustment, even during the selection process.

Classification by: length, diameter and color.

Analysis of the total surface of the product thanks to multiple pictures.

High resolution digital images.

Advanced cameras color calibration options for maximum accuracy.

Direct feedback that allows you to observe the measurements in real time and adjust parameters.

Remote support via the Internet.